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What services do we provide?


We provide any service relating to small and medium scale Town Planning including:

  • Obtaining Council approvals;
  • Conducting complete development assessments;
  • Providing general planning advice;
  • Providing planning advice during the design phase;
  • Providing planning advice prior to signing building contracts;
  • Writing letters to justify development variations (eg. R-Codes variations);
  • Writing letters objecting to neighbouring developments;
  • Organising neighbour's consultation and much more.

We are primarily contracted to provide the services detailed below. You can also access a link which briefly explains what we will do and what you will need to do relative to each service:


Complete development assessment

Our complete development assessment service involves a complete assessment of the proposal against applicable state and local regulations. A report, diagrams and neighbours' consultation will then be prepared to support your application to the Council. We will then provide you with all of the documentation so you can prepare the application for submission to the Council.

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Performance criteria justification

Our performance criteria justification service involves the preparation of a report and diagrams addressing the objectives of the regulations where certain aspects of your proposal do not comply. This service does not involve the assessment of the development proposal only the preparation of the report and diagams for identified non-complying items.

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Professional advice

We can provide professional planning advice at any stage including during the design phase and prior to signing the contract to build with a company. This way you have a reasonable idea whether what you would like can in fact be built before investing large sums of money.

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Other planning services

We can also provide additional statutory planning services. Please contact us for more details if you wish to engage in any additional services.