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Complete development assessment

  What you need to do:
  • Provide us with 1 set of full plans (site plan, floor plans and elevations); and
  • Submit the planning application to Council, liaise with Council and organise any additional information required by Council.
What we will do:
  • Conduct a complete development assessment against the Residential Design Codes, the Local Planning Scheme, any Local Planning Policies and any other relevant standards;
  • Provide written justification for any variations to the acceptable development standards;
  • Undertake neighbour’s consultation and engage in conflict resolution to address neighbour’s concerns as best as possible (if required);
  • Conduct a site inspection and obtain photographs to support the application to Council;
  • Meet with Council to discuss proposal (if required); and
  • Provide you with a complete development assessment and associated justification, neighbour’s comments and site photos to support the application to Council.