What do we do?


We are a residential planning consultancy providing affordable assistance to owners and builders to obtain a fast, hassle-free Planning / Development Approval from their Local Government Authority.

We specialise in small to medium scale residential development and we are typically contracted to resolve planning matters relating to single, double and triple storey homes as well as small to medium sized unit developments. We provide a number of services - all of which can be tailored to suit your needs.


Why engage in our services?

The planning regulations within Western Australia are very complex and can vary significantly from Council to Council. This is further complicated by the contrasting interpretation and application of the regulations which can lead to vast inconsistencies throughout all Local Governments of Western Australia. Our residential planning consultants have experience working within a variety of Local Government Authorities and are accustomed to their application and interpretation of the regulations.


How can we help?

The best way to explain is to use an example. Let's say you've applied to the Council for approval to build your dream home. A few weeks later you receive a letter stating that the house can't be approved because it is located too close to the boundary and the balcony overlooks your neighbour. All of a sudden you need to reduce the size of the kitchen and lounge to position the house further from the boundary and in addition to this you need to screen the balcony which would have had views of the City. The block and design which you invested so much time and money into needs to be significantly changed.

What the Council doesn't always tell you is that the state planning regulations (Residential Design Codes) have two paths to approval. One of which involves preparing a letter of justification detailing how the development, although non-compliant, still satisfies the objectives of the regulations. That's what we do. We go in to bat for you and prepare reports, diagrams and neighbours' comments to submit to the Council to show how the development satisfies the objectives of the regulations. We can proudly say that the majority of the time we can get you a favourable outcome.

Another way we can help is if you come to us before you apply to the Council for approval. We can conduct a complete assessment of your house and prepare all of the reports, diagrams and neighbours' comments in advance to avoid any delays at Council.


The bottom line

The bottom line is that majority of residential development in Western Australia does not fully comply with the regulations and requires additional information to accompany the planning application to the Council. The investment into our services can far outweigh the holding costs of a piece of land if you elect to apply and negotiate with Council without the assistance of a residential planning consultant. We will ensure all of the required information is submitted to Council to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Our motto is “Planning Approvals Made Easy” and we strive to ensure that our customers experience this every time. We work with the Council and ensure a good rapport is maintained enabling Council to efficiently process our applications.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services.